Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Day 10: Hengchun to Kaohsiung

Up to Kaohsiung by bike and then train today, with several quirky sights en route with something of an animal theme, another fab night market and a surprise festival.

We were intrigued by this as we left Hengchun (pic). Tree-hugging architect, or very swanky treetop house for some rich children?

Then this by the road (pic). What sort of weirdo has a dinosaur outside their house?

And this zebra police officer outside the police station in Chaozhou (pic).

Can we tell its rank by the number of stripes?

From Chaozhou we took a train to Kaohsiung. Only local trains take walk-on bikes, but there's plenty of space, and there's no problem finding the bike carriage (pic).

In Kaohsiung we strolled out to the most prominent Night Market, Liouhe (pic). This was one place we didn't have an animal connection: Tim was delighted to find a specialist vegetarian stall, recognisable by the swastika symbol on it. I was delighted to find a fresh sugar cane juice stall afterwards, recognisable by grinning thirsty English cycle tourists in front of it.

And finally we walked through the canalside Lantern Festival, full of more food stalls, all sorts of illuminated displays (pic), and the entire population of the town taking selfies.

Miles today: 42
Total miles in Taiwan: 505

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