Thursday, 2 February 2017

Day 11: Kaohsiung

An easy day exploring Kaohsiung by bike.

We decided we hadn't spotted enough monkeys on this trip, so we cycled up to Shoushan ('Long life mountain') and walked some of the trails. Lots of monkeys, including this grooming pair (pic). Given the excellent quality of food here in Taiwan, I was surprised that these macaques were so keen on eating scurf.

Unfortunately Tim has gone down with the lurgi, and spent the afternoon in bed back in the hotel. So I trundled off up the nice bike path alongside Love River (pic). It's apparently a canal really, but I suppose 'Love Canal' doesn't sound quite right.

I also did the round of Lotus Lake, which is surrounded by temples (pic) of varying kitsch. These were all busy with locals praying for good luck and getting their fortune told. I was a bit scared to get mine. I shouldn't've been: I saw one family go back three times until they got the right answer to their questions.

Miles today: 17
Total miles in Taiwan: 547

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